• Iron Beast Professional Line Power Skater

Skating Power Performance

Our power skater will help for all athletes to develop proper skating technique, stride power, stride length, speed, quickness and agility.  It forces the player into perfect skating mechanics, memorizing down the motor programs of perfect practice which results in good habits that will transfer to the ice.  It replicates a forward-stride movement resulting in balance, power and control. It trains the muscles used in skating in a bio-mechanical skating movement.

The machine has been built on the principles used by many professional power skating instructors.  The same exercise will assist the skater in other skating skills such as crossover, backward skating, stops and starts which you can include in your workout to significantly improve your power skating skills.

The machine also has plate loaded resistance for teaching technique and strength training.  Adjustable armrest allows any size athletes to use this power performance machine.

Key Features:
  • Plate loaded resistance
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Durable powder coat finish

  • Height: 1500mm
  • Width: 2100mm
  • Length: 1800mm

For any change, customisation or variations in dimensions or colour, please contact us.
Product Size

Height: 1500mm

Width: 2100mm

Length: 1800mm

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Iron Beast Professional Line Power Skater

    Iron Beast
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